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buy-to-let mortgages

Whether you are looking to become a first-time landlord, or have a growing portfolio of properties, buy-to-let mortgages provide a tailored product which will enable you to buy more than one property at any given time.

Buy-to-let mortgages are focused on the profitability of a property and in addition to needing a percentage of the total property price, lenders will consider the likely rental income that a property is likely to generate when they consider a loan application.

Investing in Buy-to-Let

Although there have been changes to the taxation of buy-to-let properties in recent years, rental income can provide a source of income and property offers a consistent, long-term investment opportunity.

If you are a higher rate tax payer, it may be advantageous to consider purchasing a buy-to-let through a limited company or to use a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). Although you should take advice from your tax adviser, we can help you to find the right mortgage or finance product to suit your needs.

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