Row of Terraced Starter Houses in the UK

It’s a great moment in the house buying process, when a mortgage offer is confirmed and you know that one of the major hurdles has been overcome and you’re a little bit closer to owning your dream property.

Almost one in three households – around 30 per cent of customers – is paying too much for its mortgage, according to an interim market study report from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The study, which examines first-charge, residential mortgages, also concluded that many applicants are failing to find the best deal to suit their circumstances.

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When director Max Mace came into the industry in 2008, just after the 2007 recession, lenders catering to clients with poor credit had almost completely disappeared. Some lenders moved to more mainstream lending only and many of the adverse lenders from the early 2000s were forced to exit the market completely.

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UK Finance (previously the Council of Mortgage Lenders) analysed data of the official English Housing survey, finding demographic factors had changed the characteristics of first time buyers.

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With the introduction of new tax rules for buy-to-let landlords, clients who still believe in property are looking for other ways to generate income and increase their wealth.

Since the Government announced the hike in Stamp duty during its Autumn Statement, we have seen a short term increase in the amount of BTL mortgage business as investors rush to purchase and complete before the March 31s.

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When speaking to a mortgage broker you will almost certainly hear the term loan-to-value. Simply put, the loan-to-value or LTV is the ratio of the mortgage balance against the property value.